See our work in action

See our work in action

Since 2009, Food Forward has prevented food waste and created more food security in our communities by recovering surplus fruits and vegetables. Our produce recovery programs faced numerous challenges in 2020, yet collected more fresh fruits and vegetables than ever before to donate, free of charge, to hundreds of agency partners. Our volunteers and staff stepped up in response to the pandemic and continue to serve like never before. We’re grateful to all who have supported and continue to be part of this work. 

See how Food Forward started with just one fruit pick, and how we’ve grown to feed millions of people in Southern California:

Take a look at how Food Forward’s three produce recovery programs adapted to 2020’s challenges and had our biggest year of fruit and vegetable recovery yet:

In 2020, the need for fresh produce was higher than ever before—and Food Forward responded by expanding our distributions and working with over 160 new community partners:

Production of all videos by Ice Hat Creative.